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Genealogy search engines are an incredible starting point when attempting to trace you family line and discover who your ancestors had been, what they did in the course of their lives and whether or not they had produced any important contributions to the world in any way.

Genealogy Benefits

Genealogy is an interesting hobby that has many psychological benefits. Technology enables even a non skilled researcher to gain more information faster and more efficiently and in turn benefit significantly!

The actual definition of genealogy refers to the tracing of unified languages and the tracing of vital data. Although I will be using the terms interchangeably, family history refers to a number of forms of research which we commonly refer to as genealogy. These forms include;

? Genealogy which is using archival records to trace a living person’s pedigree from the present back in time or the tracing of a historic person’s decadency forward,

The New Science Of Genealogy

There are about 60,000 billion cells found in the human body. It includes muscle cells, cheek cells, and white blood cells. Each cell contains the whole genetic information which is the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). The nucleus inside the cell holds the DNA or chromosomal DNA that consists of Y chromosomal DNA, X chromosomal DNA, and autosomal DNA. The external part of the nucleus holds mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). The autosomal DNA comes from both the mother and the father, Y chromosomes is inherited by a son from his father, and mtDNA comes from the mother only.

Learning About Family Genealogy Backgrounds

The treatment of diseases like Multiple Sclerosis is very complex at times because there has been no cure identified for it. Many researchers have studied Family genealogy backgrounds to look for evidence of birth effects that could be associated with any stage of Multiple Sclerosis. Since it is a progressive disease that is controllable, researchers hope to find a path to follow to show that at some point in the family history, certain maladies were controlled by some factor.

Family Genealogy through Deeds


Land records such as property tax lists, deeds and deed indexes go back further in time that any other type of genealogical research record.  Deeds can help you discover your heritage. Deeds can often provide evidence of family history relationships, names of neighbors, how long an ancestor was living in an area, given name of the female spouse, approximate dates of death and many other useful clues.  The Homestead Act of 1862 enabled approximately 800,000 citizens or intended citizen to become landowners.  Many states had their own land lotteries starting in the 1700’s to bring people to new territory and help establish communities.

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