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Dr. Virginia Winters’ second novel The Facepainter Murders was released today. It is available in multiple e-book formats, including Kindle at: and

The Facepainter Murders

Anne McPhail is back in Culver’s Mills, Vermont for a quiet holiday. But Culver’s Mills is an unlucky spot for her vacation. She finds the dead body of a naked man, and is soon helping her friend Adam Davidson to investigate the murder. Who is the dead man and what was his involvement with the theft of a painting and a sampler from the art gallery? Who owns the art, James Trevelyan, an elderly man whose genealogy may hold the key, or the owners of Evan’s, the restaurant where they were found? More bodies turn up as the murderer kills the others in his criminal gang. Then he turns his attention to Anne.

A Review Of “on The Genealogy Of Morals”

If you are interested in knowing about the birth of Christianity and about morals then the book by Nietzsche is the one you should read. The book is titled On the Genealogy of Morals and is a polemical work of philosophy. Published in 1887, philosophers worldwide have regarded this book as one of the best philosophical book ever made.

First of all, this book was made by Friedrich Nietzsche because his first one, Beyond Good and Evil was considered to be too complicated to understand and does not explain all about morals. The book, On the Genealogy of Morals is primarily focused on morality and its origins. It emphasizes more on Christian morality and moral prejudice.

THE LIFE OF DANIEL BOONE, published by Stackpole Books, 1998, is a unique book about an eighteenth century explorer, written by a nineteenth century biographer, and edited by a twentieth century author. How does it come off? Not too bad! In fact, this is probably the most authoritative account of the renowned frontiersman we will ever see.

I have a special interest in the subject. Daniel Boone is my great, great, great, great grandfather. No, I won’t bore you with my own genealogy. Suffice it to say, I descended through Jesse Bryan Boone, Daniel’s eighth child, who died the same year as Daniel — 1820.

Although Tightrope is only just over 400 pages, and 50 of those are footnotes this book definitely goes in the saga category. It is an impressive work that comes as a result of over 20 years research. In a nutshell it follows one single family and its various branches through over six centuries of upheaval.

If you ask the average man in the street to describe the plight of the Jewish people, almost everyone will zone in on the current situation in Israel, and the events that unfolded during World War Two when the Nazi’s attempted to annihilate the entire race. Few people realize that horrific as the Holocaust was, it was hardly the first time that Jews had been persecuted. In fact the persecution can be documented from biblical times onward.

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