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For genealogy researchers, having traced ancestors on your mother’s side, you may have a solid paper trail up to a certain point.  But what do you do if the paper trail has gone cold and your family history research has come to a stop.  What do you do then?  How can you progress your genealogy beyond that? 

Dna Markers for Genealogy

DNA Markers for Genealogy – Mitochondrial DNA Genealogy

Who else wants to know about DNA markers for genealogy? Here is a simple scientific test to trace your ancestors. Did you know that DNA From One Generation To The Other Is Almost Conclusive Evidence. This breakthrough in genealogy research has been making headlines for the past several years with some astounding proof of kinship between some very prominent historical figures.

The old time method of doing genealogy research where you use church records, land records, family bibles, census records and so on will always need to be performed in order to show family connections to your ancestors and relatives.  None of that changes but now with modern DNA testing you are able to learn even more about your ancestors.

Some Genealogy Test Information and Tips

There are many people who are familiar with the term genealogy testing, but are unaware of its exact meaning. If you are also one of this group, and if you want to improve your understanding about what a genealogy test is, then the information given below can help you a lot in this area.

Genealogy testing, is more commonly known as the genealogical DNA test and helps in examining the nucleotides present on certain locations in the DNA of the person. The reason for conducting such a test is to know about the genes and for other purposes of genetic genealogy.

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