There are a few popular genealogy software programs and Generations is among them.  It gets good reviews from its users even though it is no longer widely available.

Generations software is a very good program for the beginning genealogist, but intermediate genealogists may find it a bit inadequate.  Once you’ve gone beyond very basic research, you will want to be able to use advanced source documentation and this software program is a bit lacking in that area.

Also, if you would like to publish your family tree as a book – you’re a bit limited.  You’re best to go to if publishing a book is your goal.

The best value is to be found in the Grande Suite 8.0 package because of its genealogy CDs and programs.  Reviews place the 31 CDs found in this package as more than worth the total price for this great package.  Thirteen of these CDs are census records.  That’s a feature that will really help the beginning genealogist get well underway.

The Grande Suite includes four programs.  The first of these is of course, the Generations program with all its great genealogy tools.   Users will find a great basic product here because of its support for customizable data, screens, reports and charts.

The second of the four programs is Snapshot Express.  I think you will find this a valuable addition to your genealogy toolkit because it can be used for touching up old photos.  No doubt you’ve run across some wonderful old photos, but their damaged.   Now they can be restored digitally and kept in “better than original” condition forever.

The third program that you will find in the Grande Suite is MasterCook Heritage Edition and as the name implies, it is used to store family recipes.  What a great way to store your families recipes – either one’s that have been handed down from generation to generation or any new favorites destined to follow that path!

Finally, you’ll find the fourth program: iCollect.  This is a very nice program that you can use to help you save and organize all the websites that you find online for reading later – offline.  Neat, eh?

Perhaps the biggest problem you’ll have with Generations or the Grande Suite edition, will be finding them.  That’s because the software programs have changed hands a couple of times in their history.  The latest buyer was and since their primary software is Family Tree Maker, the Generations series weren’t a top priority.  They don’t have a great track record promoting secondary products so it is not terribly surprising they seem to be disappearing off the map.

Though no longer widely available, Generations software and the Grande Suite can be found on Amazon from $27.00 to $50.00.  Check eBay and Amazon if you are interested in purchasing this dynamic set of programs!

By: Kay Cromwell  –   About the Author :
Kay has been researching her family tree for over a decade now.  To learn more about researching family trees please visit:

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