Genealogy software allows you to keep track of your ancestor’s data that you’ve worked hard to collect. With so many different programs out there, which is best for you? First ask yourself, what are you looking to do with the information you’ve collected?

Simply store basic data Print family charts and reports Add photos or video Print blank forms to keep a paper file To do list and reminders Relationship diagram

Whatever you what to do with your ancestor’s information, most genealogical software will handle your basic needs. There are some very good free genealogy software programs you can download that will allow you to do just that, however keep in mind basic is about as far as you get. If you’re looking for cool features that will make your research a little easier and your presentation more appealing, you’ll want to go with one of the paid genealogy programs. But that doesn’t mean you have to go for the most expensive programs available, there’s quite a few good modest priced genealogical software programs out there.

Most computers run the Microsoft operating system and most genealogy software runs on the Windows platform. However, other operating systems are gaining respect with more people and as a result more software has become available. Macintosh has several programs to store your ancestor’s data and research notes.

MacFamily Tree Reunion Personal Ancestry Writer II iFamily for Leopard

Linux has a very popular genealogical program called Gramps to hold your ancestor’s data. However, Windows programs generally offer the most features and are widely supported. You can run your favorite Windows genealogy software on Linux computers through an emulator such as VMWare or Sun’s Virtual Box. You can also run Windows on newer Macs under Bootcamp, Parallel or Fusion to use your favorite genealogical software program. For more information about genealogy software as well as organizational tips, check out my website at Ancestor’s Trails – Organizing.

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