There are many things that were initially done for official purposes only but are now being pursued as hobbies or great past time activities. One such activity is Footnote reviews. This activity was earlier reserved for librarians or court clerks. Genealogy is a method that was used to track down family origins and to try and understand the history of a family. This was a daunting process involving a lot of time and energy as the researcher had to go through a variety of reading material to find helpful information.

This was obviously not as much fun for most people since they had to get someone who had these skills to do the job for them. However, the advent of technology has made things much easier and even more fun with compare genealogy software. Not to mention anyone can now be able to know about their family roots and get to interact with them.

Genealogy can now be carried out from any location and not necessarily in an old library. With just your computer, one can sit under a tree in a park and access a lot of data online. A research that would have involved a lot of interviews and traveling is turned into a simple activity that one can handle single-handedly.

Social networking sites is your key to easy tracking of all the information you will need to complete your family tree. With the modern internet craze, it is possible to find most of the information that will be beneficial to your research. Even if the information you get may not be what you are looking for, it may be able to point you in the right direction. Most people have at some point in their life signed up in a social networking site. This means that at some point, you may be able to find information concerning a long lost relative. There are some people who even post their contact information on the social sites making it easier to trace them.

Most of these sites are easy to navigate through and they even have a help center to help you learn how to navigate around the site. It is good to be active enough and use the information you already have at hand to invite as many relatives and friends as possible to link up with you. Even though old friends are not relatives, they may be able to offer helpful information to your research.

To make your genealogy research easier, you may need to acquire some computer software to aid you in the exercise. At first you may download free versions online as you learn how to incorporate them into your research. However, as you start to make progress in terms of your family tree, you may have to purchase a more complex version that provides more applications.

The research begins with you. This means that there is no need to go out to look for information that you already posses. Document all the information you presently have and then use this as your skeleton family tree. The next step may be to confirm the information you have documented from older family members.

Footnote review has evolved over time and the traditional tedious process has turned to a hobby for many. Not only professionals are able to do this activity thanks to genealogy software. However, the experience of a professional genealogist will surely give him an upper hand to a first timer.

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